uliette and Dante go house hunting. Jolene says she saw Dante kissing the realtor (Esme) who tells Juliette they're just old friends. Dante "finds" Jolene's pills, but Juliette later realizes they're not hers. Deacon and Juliette butt heads and when Dante gives him instructions, Deacon gives notice he's leaving after this leg of the tour. Deacon tells Stacy he quit, but then they go to Rayna's concert where Stacy calls him on his feelings and walks out. Rayna and Liam kiss, he asks her to go away with him. Rayna tells Lamar she never knew about her mother's affair and they agree to make a new start. Teddy confronts Peggy about leaking the divorce and says it's over. Will gives Gunnar stage tips but then tries to kiss him. Gunnar sings his brother's song and gets a producer's interest, but says he wrote it. Scarlett gets Gunnar another shot with Rayna but he tells Scarlett he wants to keep singing solo.

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