ucy is hit with two deaths; first when Brett Barrow is found dead in his new car from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, and later, Leo informs Lucy that their narcissistic, selfish, estranged mother also has died from a few too many plastic surgery operations. Lucy and Leo then go after the doctor partly responsible for their mother's demise. Meanwhile, Farber feels betrayed when the crafty Willa uses their romance to get dirt on a gay actor friend of his who wants to keep his arrest for oral copulation a secret. Elsewhere, Don is assigned to stalk Perri, a weight-loss expert who has suddenly gained back her weight, and Don later saves Sharlee Cates' infant daughter in a runaway SVR. Adam Proteau finds Brett's huge porno tape collection of his conquests. Also, Holt confronts Lucy and demands either a full commitment or a breakup.

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