Legendas em Português para as series The Dead Zone - S04E01

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Broken Circle
USA, Canada
42 min


Johnny from the future talks to present-day Johnny through the cane head and tries to get Johnny to let Rebecca kill Stillson. But when Johnny sees that Rebecca will get gunned down by the police after assassinating Stillson at a political rally, he sets out to stop her from committing a fatal mistake since Johnny is still not 100% sure of Stillson is responsible for the nuclear war. But when Johnny falls ill again and is requested for brain surgery which may take away his visions, Johnny sneaks out of the hospital to try to intercept Rebecca. Meanwhile in Washington, Stillson's head thug, Jake Truax, hires Malcolm Janus as part of his new head of security while Stillson discovers that his father, James, was in fact the one responsible for Rachel Caldwell's murder, and he decides to make some changes.

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