eeing Alex as her only close friend Liv is upset when he goes away for a weekend and,to make things worse,she feels a pain in her side and sees a lump, but she confides only in principal Doug,who tells her he is leaving the college. Rich is too busy revising,and attempts to get through to Franky,whom Liv still blames for Grace's death,and Mini come to nothing. When Matty returns from Morocco Liv takes him to see Franky but she has no desire to speak to him and another confrontation with Mini leads to a fight and Mini crying out that she is pregnant. A shocked Liv once more feels the pain in her side but a visit to the doctor proves that there is no lump,it was a psychosomatic reaction to Grace's death. Feeling better Liv,her younger sister Maude,Doug and Rich visit Grace's grave and end up dancing.

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