Josh's Sister Is Getting Married!

43 min


Following Rebecca's "therapy" session with dream Dr. Akopian, she realizes that she has to make healthier choices in life, most specifically not obsessing over Josh. This revelation is timely as she is able to tell Josh that she did indeed have feelings for him when he finds her photo roll of him. Rebecca thinks she should get some distance from him, which is difficult when Josh's sister Jayma asks Rebecca to be one of her bridesmaids. However, Rebecca ultimately believes it is a good opportunity in making amends to Josh and Valencia by getting Jayma also to ask Valencia to be in the bridal party while truly making Valencia a shining star in the Chans' eyes as their future in-law. To do so, Rebecca will have to get over Valencia's mistrust and hatred of her while not falling into her old traps of doing everything to be with Josh. Rebecca's new outlook doesn't sit well with Paula, who has always come to Rebecca's rescue in the Josh matter, and which she feels she needs to this time as well. Meanwhile, Greg thinks he is acing his classes, while in reality he is deluding himself about the state of his life which includes not acing his classes. Greg sees an opportunity to help a struggling soul like himself when he meets Marty, a stock boy at his local supermarket, who is in love with one of the new clerks, Ally, who in return won't give him the time of day. This encounter with Marty may make Greg finally see the reality of his own life.

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