legendas "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Josh Is Going to Hawaii!

Josh Is Going to Hawaii!

English, Japanese
42 min


Rebecca and gang are living through what would be act 2 of a **½ rom-com. Following Rebecca and Josh's passionate kiss, Josh runs off, leaving Rebecca wondering what it all means. In Josh's eyes, it means that he is conflicted, but knows what he did was wrong, both because he is in a committed relationship with Valencia, and Rebecca supposedly with Trent. Josh contemplates coming clean to Valencia, believing that she would break up with him if he does. All he knows is that he can have a respite of sorts in that he is scheduled to fly to Maui to support Hector in a surfing competition, during which time he can get some perspective on the situation. When Rebecca learns all this information, she turns again to Paula, who only knows that Rebecca has to be on the same flight as Josh to Hawaii, all else be damned. Rebecca getting on that flight hits a snag when she learns that she has let one rather important aspect of her life get out of control, which if she does not fix will not get her on that plane. She has to figure out how to get out of her hole, or whether the issue in and of itself is more important than getting on the plane. Meanwhile, Darryl wants to tell the world that he is bisexual, news which others may not be as interested in as he is, and news which White Josh in particular may not be as interested in him divulging as it relates to "them". And Greg and Heather have to figure out how to continue to work together in light of they no longer being a couple.

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