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The BAU is called to Houston, Texas when a past masked serial rapist coined the Piano Man - so named because of the piano wire he used to bind his victims - starts to re-offend, with his targets being his past victims. His crimes have since evolved where one of the victims, Vanessa Campbell, is abducted from her home - something the unsub had never done before - which they believe is meant to show his victims that they are safe nowhere from his clutches. He used drugs mimicking a date rape drug to knock the victims unconscious before committing his rapes. With news of the new offenses hitting the media, many of the Piano Man's past victims resurface, telling that they were indeed victimized recently by him again. Most of the women tell similar stories of the second rape - being hyper-vigilant about never leaving their drinking glass unattended, and now having a 1980's pop piano ballad being a trigger to horrific memories of that rape - while one, Diana Mitchell, tells a completely different story. During their interview of the women, Prentiss and JJ discover the delivery method of the drug into their system. As the team follows who they believe to be the unsub, one of the women who decided not to contact the authorities tracks a different person who she believes is the person who raped her, and decides to enact her own vigilante justice. Could she or the BAU be wrong? Meanwhile, Hotch, after reviewing the notes from Prentiss' mandatory in-house therapy sessions, makes one request of her with regard to her re-entry into the unit.

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