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Speakeasy Rider
21 min


The kids find a new thrill: league racing at Speed Demons Outdoor Racing. The kids from Kingshead Island dominate the sport where a custom go-kart costs a minimum of $1,000. Bob finds beer that perfectly pairs with his burgers: Teddy's Brewski. It is a home-brew and highly illegal. The kids talk wily Calvin Fischoeder out of an old bumper car for $3.00 and ask Critter and Mud Flap to help Belcher Racing with "donated" parts and mechanical genius. Linda is Al Capone with breasts...until Hugo and Ron visit the restaurant and threaten the Triple Smackdown. The kids choose the driver of #3 by tried and true method: Gene's hairy mole. Tina is not a happy water girl but Gene learns to be a Junior Gus in Training. Louise plots to win B League to grab a shot to race in the A League. Sasha of the Kingshead Island Speeders (KIS) asks Tina to drive a cool racer already qualified in A League, KIS #81. Is Tina really a "Belcher-dict Arnold" for driving KIS #81? If Louise wins a spot to compete against Tina and KIS #81 in A League, will it really be every Belcher for herself?

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